Different Cuisines

Never say no no for the foods.
Because food is a major source
To obtain the nutrition and energy
In order to live on these plants.

Eating healthy food is another most essential consideration to keep your health safe.

Try to keep an eye on food ingredients to obtain yourself healthy and fit.

Since after high school as myself I love to eating food rather than eating junk food. I am actually a big food lover which means I can handle any situation when it comes to food. Which mean that I can go outside to eat food that I love or wanted even it heavily raining or heavily snowing.

I eat lots of different cuisine from different countries because I love to try a taste and try to found what so different since between the foods. As so far, I found out that most western foods are not spicy or little spicy but, in most Asian countries there are lots of spicy foods. especially Indian they loved eating anything with spicy. Well, I was talking spicy I am actually spicy lover sometimes without spicy I can’t eat food or food is not going in my mouth. That for me I consider myself a spicy lover all the time.


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