Tibetan Traditional Food (Tsampa)


Nomads and pilgrims to this day rely on Tsampa to sustain them for their long and arduous journeys across the Tibetan Plateau.

Tsampa can be prepared in sweet, savory or spicy dishes.

You can make this into different recipes.

  1. cham-dur (tsampa porridge)
  2. tsampa pancake
  3. tsamthuk (tsampa soup)
  4. pa (tsampa pressed cake)
  5. lhasa spice latte
  6. healthy velvet tsampa brownies
  7. mini tsampa almond butter cakes
  8. tsampa quinoa veggie burger

Best food every I had when was child and still too.

Tsampa is one of my identification.

Tsampa is also one of my favorite food or dessert.

Most nutritions food.

one of unique food that not exist in other country.

Easy to make and easy get the ingredients too.

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