GIF the Portrait

In today’s class, we using photoshop to created gif which is the most fun thing to do. In this assignment first, we needed to choose one of the famous people in the world who inspires you. So, I chose Selena Gomez because she is most Inspirational and kind hearted women who I always look up too. Moreover, There is another person who is also inspired me in lots ways in my life. He is His Holiness the 14th Dalai lama person who win the Nobel peace prize. I was gone Created gif based on his pictures but, I did not get time to do it.

After chosen the person’s image we have to open it with photoshop and then used frame by frame to animated into a gif. While I was working on this assignment I felt strong to created another one based on one of person who is always my favorite celebrity that I always look up.

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