Hui Lau Shang

This place I just went yesterday and it recently a new dessert place to visit. When I got there it was beautiful and cute how they decorated inside sitting place. Moreover, I was more excited to look at the menu because I want to eat something and also I want to know what kind of dessert they had. When I saw the menu I was so happy and the gland that their most dessert was mixture with mango which is one of my favorite fruit. After I place an order I was looking around in the room and I found out that their main theme is about the mango because all the decoration inside that room was made of mango on the wall.

I ordered  “Jumbo Mango Chewy Ball”


Dessert ………

“I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone”.

                                                                                  By Rachel Nichols


I being so many places to eat dessert but, the best place to visit to eat dessert is “Kulu”. Because they have lots choices that you want to eat and also everything on the plate are so organized. Moreover, I really love the flavor and the texture of the dessert that they present on the plate.

I have the description top the picture that I took.

  • Right side one is called Macha Waffles
  • The Middle one is called Ice Cream Mario.
  • The left side one is called Strawberry Waffles.

Rainbow Banana and Choconana



Tibetan Traditional Food (Tsampa)


Nomads and pilgrims to this day rely on Tsampa to sustain them for their long and arduous journeys across the Tibetan Plateau.

Tsampa can be prepared in sweet, savory or spicy dishes.

You can make this into different recipes.

  1. cham-dur (tsampa porridge)
  2. tsampa pancake
  3. tsamthuk (tsampa soup)
  4. pa (tsampa pressed cake)
  5. lhasa spice latte
  6. healthy velvet tsampa brownies
  7. mini tsampa almond butter cakes
  8. tsampa quinoa veggie burger

Best food every I had when was child and still too.

Tsampa is one of my identification.

Tsampa is also one of my favorite food or dessert.

Most nutritions food.

one of unique food that not exist in other country.

Easy to make and easy get the ingredients too.