Final (Answering for the Questions)

As seamster is approached near the end which means is CT101  class is near the end too. Which makes me I don’t want to depart from this class because so far this class is one of my favorite class. Moreover, from this class, I learned lots of new things by using photoshop. Even though before I used photoshop but, I never used photoshop to create anything like celebrity gif, Memes, Vaporwave and vintage travel post where I wanted to travel in the future.
I am really not sure what grade I am getting in this class but, I did finish all my works for this class so, I think I will get above” B”. The most enjoy about this class is that every day we learning new things which makes me exciting to be in class every time when it Tuesday. Since I study lots of new things in this class I will differently use these skills in the future like creating a traveling post for the company and created memes and Vaporwave for my own websites. I will keep maintain up my website by post things that make happy because I love to share my happiness with people who think it makes happy them. So, I will love to keep my work continues.

Mango / Random Dessert

First thing I want to eat is dessert because I can see  many different colorful that dessert that present so perfect and beautiful that put my mood so joy.

Kulu ( keep your life unique )/ 10 Below

“I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.”
By Rachel Nichole 

Pics Of Tibetan Foods

All you needs is love,But a little food now and then doesn’t hurt you at all.

shaptak ( Spicy beef fry)
Chowmain ( Fry Noodle)
Shapalay ( Fry flat dumpling )
Mothuk ( Dumpling soup)
Gyathk ( Noodle )
LaphingMomo( Dumpling)

Portrait of the place where I always wanted to go back

This is another exciting day being in CT class because I know I am gone learn totally something new which makes me the happy.

Today’s assignment is again we have to collect more than one picture to complete this work. This time it not only just collecting the pictures and post at the online. This time we gone used photoshop and play the pictures around. For this assignment, I chose my dream place that I always wanted to go back all the time. For me, this place is the most glamorous. This assignment was not that complicated to created or give me trouble to create it. But for me, the hardest thing to finish up the assignment is to pick the pictures. But at least I finished it with the way I wanted to, I am satisfied with my outcome work.

I did use photoshop for a long time ago but, for this class help me to refresh all my memories from the past. Moreover, I felt like still, I am learning new things by using new tools that I never used before even though I took a web design class.

Vapor wave

I actually love doing this assignment even though it a little bit complicated. I like to challenge myself so, I will put mine all energy to something I like to do. I wish in the future I can create like this more to express my ideas and feelings towards others through this kind beautiful works. Vapor wave assignment is one of my favorite work that I have done so far.

GIF the Portrait

In today’s class, we using photoshop to created gif which is the most fun thing to do. In this assignment first, we needed to choose one of the famous people in the world who inspires you. So, I chose Selena Gomez because she is most Inspirational and kind hearted women who I always look up too. Moreover, There is another person who is also inspired me in lots ways in my life. He is His Holiness the 14th Dalai lama person who win the Nobel peace prize. I was gone Created gif based on his pictures but, I did not get time to do it.

After chosen the person’s image we have to open it with photoshop and then used frame by frame to animated into a gif. While I was working on this assignment I felt strong to created another one based on one of person who is always my favorite celebrity that I always look up.

Vintage Poster

When I was young I always dream to travel around the world because I like to explore different cultures. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in life. So far I travel to five countries already but, still, I wanted to travel more.

In today’s class, we are recreating or reconstructing vintage travel posters. By saying that I chose one of my favorite place which is “Tibet” also called “The Roof Of The World”. Because Tibet is placed with lots of glamour animals and beautiful natures environment that gives you a set of peaceful mind.

In order to finish this classwork, we have to use the photoshop to recreated or remodel the vintage travel post by taking out the words or adding the new words and adding the new image to it. First I chose the vintage travel poster from the internet and then I open it up the photoshop. In the Photoshop First, I used the select tool to select the words and then I click on the edit and open up the file. From the file, I click on content awareness to delete the words that I selected. After I deleted the words I wanted I added new words to it. After that, I again open a new regular image and used the eraser tool to erase the background of the regular image. Later, I added the crop regular image to the Vintage travel poster to make little bit fancy. That how I end up with my this poster.

Panoramic Storytelling ;about two different sides life

I being using iPhone brand new for so long time and also it mine first iPhone brand but, the saddest thing about myself is that I really don’t know how to used this amazing device to take a picture with the nice viewpoint.

In this assignment, we using the panoramic feature on our phone to create the two different side of the story. In this first picture on the left side, we are just strangers but, the second part is on the right side which shows that we became friends. While we doing this assignment I felt so strong that sometime we should really need to know how to use our phones in more advance just not watching videos or using different social media apps. Moreover, I love about this feature was that you can just take one picture with two different moves.

In this visual image, it shows how our life actually looks like in real life. In our daily life, everybody is doing their business for every day but, they always forget people who are near them is important in some point and never put the effort to communicate or interact with the person right next to you. When I have seen this kind of things I think we missing our big part of enjoyments and cheerful day.


Are memes art?

Yes, I think memes are art because based on the definition it says that arts are created by human beings by using their own skill. Even though words and sentence have issues of grammar and spellings.

In my opinion, sometimes memes are arts if you created the picture without copy from the internet as long as you draw the pictures or took the pictures from outside then I think it is memes. Otherwise, I don’t think to copy the images from the internet and use it is as memes.

Yeah, I will happily like to share my feelings through memes because of it easy and short to express my feeling rather than write a paragraph or explain it. Moreover, I really love to take a picture and draw by myself to create my own memes. Since now I don’t have photoshop I could not do anything right now but, in future, <a href=””>I will definitely create my own memes to express my feeling towards anything that I am passionate to do in my life.</a>